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What is an IGT wine?

No doubt you have seen on some of the wines you have ordered and browsed on our website, referred to as IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) wines. But what are they? Are they inferior to the major classification DOC and DOCG wines? In the majority of cases absolutely not.
All grapes within any IGT wine should come from the region stated on the label. There are no other requirements for this category in terms of style and it allows foreign grape varieties to be included.

This does not mean that all IGT wines are lower quality, however. Often, the more relaxed rules around IGT can allow the master winemakers some freedom to be more creative in their production and some of these are absolutely incredible and as good, and sometimes even better than the higher DOCG classification wines. In our experience, if the winemaker is producing top class DOC and DOCG wines, such as Amarone and Valpolicella Ripasso and they also produce an IGT wine, then give it a go. In a good harvest year, they often have the grapes available to produce something special and perhaps a little diverse from their standard classification offerings. We have fabulous IGT wines from many of our producers, such as El Nano from Le Marognole, Castrum and PaCo from Paolo Cottini and Carpane from Scriani to name just a few. These are exceptional wines and well worth trying, particularly if you are a fan of the classics like Amarone and Ripasso.

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