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Vini Veneti was born out of a deep friendship and a mutual love for exquisite wines. In 2012, two neighbours connected over local farm produce in Peschiera del Garda, situated on the scenic shores of Lake Garda in the Veneto province of Northern Italy.

One neighbour hailed from Negrar in Valpolicella, Italy, while the other was an Englishman from Northern England. Their bond grew over shared interests in football, Italian cuisine, and the exceptional Italian wines found in their vicinity.

Lake Garda lies between Lombardia and Veneto, renowned regions for wine production. Veneto, especially, is celebrated for producing world-class wines like Prosecco, Soave, and of course, the famed Valpolicella red wines.

Gabriele, a wine enthusiast from Negrar di Valpolicella, possesses profound knowledge and a deep passion for wines. In Negrar alone, over 200 cantinas (wineries) cater to various customers, from supermarkets to restaurants, and export to Europe.

During subsequent summers, the friends embarked on extensive tours of Cantinas in the region, sampling wines, meeting producers, and exploring their families’ traditions. This journey led them to discover some of the finest wines they had ever tasted.

From this enduring friendship and their shared passion for wine, Vini Veneti was established. The brand aims to introduce these exceptional wines to the UK market, offering a curated selection from Valpolicella, Treviso, Soave, Lugana, and Custoza – all sourced from independent, family-owned vineyards.

Their strict selection criteria prioritize top-quality wines from dedicated producers at reasonable prices. Lugana and Custoza, lesser-known areas in the UK, produce limited quantities of wines with DOC status, primarily focusing on white, rose, and sparkling varieties, known for their unique and exceptional quality.

Valpolicella is renowned for producing premium wines like Amarone Della Valpolicella, Ripasso, Valpolicella Classico, and the exquisite dessert wine Recioto. Soave is famed for its refreshing white wines, while Treviso shines with its sparkling wines, notably Prosecco.

Tim Fairley and Gabriele Righetti

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