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Bonfanti Vini

Bonfanti Vini is a small family-run, Organic certified Valpolicella wine company. The promoter of this reality, is Sergio Bonfanti who as a building contractor poured his passion for wine into the purchase, at the beginning of the 2000s, of a small farm of about 5 hectares, well located at 350 meters above sea level, in Località Quinzano (Verona) in Valpolicella Doc. Although he did not come from a wine-growing family, the engineer invested confidently in a new business that with great passion for ten years has been making space in the national and international market. The tenacity and resourcefulness brought him closer to winemakers and agronomists of great culture in the wine sector, absorbing new concepts and methodologies.

The company’s philosophy is closely linked to its terroir therefore the wines are an expression of both the soil, of a limestone nature, and of the climate, influenced by the proximity of pristine woods and the work done in the vineyard.
The small size of the vineyard has allowed it to be treated as a small creature, to be protected with attention and diligence in a sustainable way.
The result is a wine that does not lose in quality but that tells its story from birth, in the vineyard, to maturation and that expresses its character and elegance of the vineyard with persistent but soft tannins and aromas of ripe red fruits.
Bonfanti Vini works with respect for nature and the environment to preserve it for future generations with the aim of becoming a high-level company with a great wine personality in the Veneto region, following a long and careful path that continues to evolve and excite by obtaining Organic certification in 2017, target achieved from which to contribute to improve and evolve.