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Agricola Cottini

A house that has the scent of oak barrels, which does not stop at the cellar, but extends as far as the eye can see among the green hills, which has the flavour of passion for a job that is not a job, but life.
Welcome to Agricola Cottini. 

Our heart is here, in Valpolicella Classica together with our roots and our future.
Here we cultivate, harvest, bottle as in the past because the story of each of our wines always ends with a happy ending, on your table.
In each bottle there is a careful and rigorous selection of the bunches that are chosen by us, one by one and left to wither in the gentle wind of our countryside on the traditional bamboo trays.

The result is a genuine, authentic wine. Bottled quality.
Come and visit us in a place where time stands still and gives way to waiting and constancy, two fundamental elements for the success of our wines, together with the quality of our grapes.
Four siblings, winemakers since always, follow in the footsteps of our father Sergio who will welcome you at the entrance with a glass of our best wine.


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