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Zamichele farm is located in the heart of the gentle moraine hills among Peschiera, Sirmione and Pozzolengo. The family has been involved in agriculture for over a hundred years, in total respect for the surrounding land, flora and wildlife. Commitment, passion, love for the land, mild climate and clean air make the production of valuable grapes, which stand out for their rich fragrances and great quality, possible.

The decision to not use herbicides and desiccants can be seen with the naked eye.The grass grows among the vines and local birds nest there, reed warblers, titmice, finches, robins and many other species. The lucky ones may have the chance to come across a hare or a pheasant. At Zamichele, they pay the utmost attention during the work in the fields so as not to destroy the nests and not to disturb these companions who guarantee a constant balance to the whole territory.

The butterfly in wine

A butterfly flew into my wine glass,
befuddled it abandons itself to its sweet ruin,
it paddles without strength, now it’s about to die;
behold, my finger lifts it away.

So, my heart, blinded by your eyes,
sinks joyfully into the thick goblet, love,
ready to die, elated with your charm
if a wave of your hand does not fulfil my destiny.”



Cerè is a village set amidst the green hills of Valpolicella and home to Cesare Righetti’s family-managed wine cellar.  Cesare Righetti learnt his craft as a wine-grower when young, inheriting his interest in wine from his father, Antonio, alongside his dedication and love for local grape varieties.

The values cherished from the outset by the Righetti family have been handed on to ensure that these traditional winemaking techniques are still upheld today.

their wines.