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Vini Veneti translates as "Wines from Veneto"

Veneto is a substantial wine-producing region in the northeast corner of Italy

Veneto is the largest DOC wine producer in Italy, with 55% of this production being made up of white wines, and the 2 types of sparkling, Frizzante and Spumante

It is famed for producing the hugely popular white wines such as Prosecco, Soave and Pinot Grigio, as well as the incredible Valpolicella range of Red Wines, including the delicious full bodied Ripasso and the hugely popular, ‘King of Italian wines’ Amarone.

The Veneto region is responsible for producing some of the best and well-known, DOCG, DOC and IGT classified wines, available anywhere in the world.

Vini veneti has been created to import a selection of these wonderful wines, direct from Independent Producers in this Region, especially for you to enjoy at home.

Our Featured Wines

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Quality Wines direct from Northern Italy Wineries

We are not wine experts, we are wine lovers!

The Regions

We currently work with a selected number of Cantinas (Wineries) in the Lugana, Valpolicella, Custoza and Treviso production areas.

Our Partners

We procure our wonderful wines from a Handpicked Collection of Family Owned Producers from The Veneto Region of Northeast Italy.

Our Wine Selection

Our Wine Selection Criteria is simple. Highest Quality Wine from passionate, family owned producers at an affordable price.