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The Festive Toast gift box

£32.40 incl VAT

This uniquely presented box contains a top quality Prosecco from the multi award winning Rive Della Chiesa and two glasses to accompany it, for the perfect pre dinner or New Year’s toast, Valentines with your loved one or for a gift for two people to share anytime together! This wine is the result of a production that, between tradition and innovation, fully respecting nature and the highest standards of quality, offers a very complete sensory experience in which one can feel the territory along with the wine. Rive Della Chiesa specialise in an outstanding range of multi award winning Sparkling and semi sparkling wines, typical for the Treviso region of Italy. We will provide a a full winery bio and tasting notes for all the
wines inside the box, to help recipient of this gift to appreciate the fabulous wines they are receiving, all packed and beautifully presented in the high quality cardboard box with window to show off the wines.

Note: Wines could be subject to change due to availability beyond our control, but would always be replaced with an equivalent wine to the same or higher value than the wine listed.

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