Vigna Nuova Prosecco Spumante Brut DOC Treviso

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This wine represents the perfect marriage of the pleasantness (and “youth”) of the Prosecco vine quality, the alcoholic strength and the extract that only a soil, so rich in mineral components like the Montello hills, can give to the grapes. After a maceration carried out at a strictly controlled low temperature the wine ferments at 14°C for about two months in stainless still tanks. Its qualities are due to the selected yeast that harvest by harvest the estate choose. Prelude to all this is a severe management of the vineyards and of the production per hectare. The taste remind to the Golden apple, exotic fruits and withered wild flowers. Great concentration with a unexpected long finish.

Thanks to its solid structure it is perfect with all through the meal and it can “dare” accompaniments with great specialities.

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