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Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC Treviso

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Another award winning wine from Rive Della Chiesa. The single grape Glera in its basic version shows us its elegance and simplicity. It’s proving all of its quality that has rendered it a compulsory drink for all the “bollicine” (bubbles) lovers. The lightness and pleasantness together with a lovely fragrance have made of this version the ideal every day aperitif drink. It can be served alone or with various entrees. The outstanding froth and the freshness tell us how elegant and unique the territory of the Montello is. Very aromatic, fruity, with a fine and delicate alcoholic percentage which never appears to be too much make of this Prosecco an easy drinking, but at the same time fascinating wine. In the nose and in the taste it gives the sense of a very appreciable smooth and fresh, aftertaste that well combine with the smoothness of its characteristics.

Goes well with sea fish, sauced hors d’oeuvres and aromatic first courses or soups

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