Cena di Natale Tradizionale Veneta (Traditional Veronese Christmas dinner)

On the occasion of Christmas in Veneto, traditional recipes handed down among the various generations and which have their roots in the history of the region are made.

Appetizer: Soppressa Veneta (Veronese Salami) with pickled vegetables. I would combine a Valpolicella Ripasso from Ettore’s cellar or a Classico Superiore from Le Marognole.

First course: Tortellini di Valeggio in meat broth. I would pair a Custoza white from the Agricola Cottini winery or a Soave by Balestri Valda

Second course: Mixed boiled meat with Pearà (Pearà – Wikipedia) with green sauce, horseradish and mustard, or roast pork fillet with potatoes. I would pair an Amarone from the Colle Cerè winery, or an IGT Castrum or an IGT Paco from the Paolo Cottini winery.

Dessert: Pandoro with mascarpone cream. I would combine a sweet Spumante from the Rive Della Chiesa winery or a Pinea Rosato Spumante from Agricola Cottini.
Or instead of the pandoro I would opt for the king of Christmas, the Panettone with this dessert I would combine a fantastic sparkling wine, a Franciacorta from the Terrenove winery or, one of the sweeter wines, the Recioto.

You will understand from these customs of ours we combine wines by contrast which consists in combining wine and foods that have opposite characteristics. We combine fatty foods and meats with acidic wines, this brings back a feeling of balance in the taste buds, with astringent foods we combine soft wines to mitigate the acidity of the food, while foods with sweet scents combine savoury wines. The matching by concordance (there are people who use it, not me) combines foods with wines with similar characteristics.

I hope you all find this interesting, 

Gabriele Righetti