The “Scriani” vineyards are in the heart of the area called Valpolicella Classica and the main, privately-owned ones are situated on a gorgeous hill called… Read More »Scriani


In 1980 the historic farmhouse in the heart of Lugano was purchased by the Lavelli family together with seven hectares of vineyards, continuing a centuries-old… Read More »Pilandro

Le Maragnola

The name comes from an ancient tradition linked to the area: in the dialect of Verona, the word is used to describe the typical stone walls (MARÒGNE) that… Read More »Le Maragnola

Corte Lenguin

The company of the Vantini family finds its natural location in the municipality of San Pietro in Cariano which together with Marano, Sant’Ambrogio, Fumane and… Read More »Corte Lenguin